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We are one of the few true local specialists for sea-air combined service, which is a combination of both sea and air transportation. It offers the advantage of faster than sea freight and less expensive than air freight. Normally we choose Dubai or LOS ANGELS as our connection hub, your goods are first transported from Asia to the hub by sea and then transported to the destination port by air.  Currently we have 3 lines for international Sea-Air Combiend Service:    
    1. from Asia to Europe via Dubai 

    2. from Asia to Africa via Dubai

    3. from Asia to South America via Los Angeles

When to choose Sea-Air Combined Service?    

    1. When its too late for sea movement and the cost for air is too expensive.

    2. When air movement is too expensive and the buyer agrees to delay the delivery time,     normally by 15 days.    

    3. When its peak season for air shipping and its difficult to book shipment space , its can be faster to choose see transportation.


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